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Since fish is a creature that grows in the sea, the omega 3 nutrients it provides to our body are an important source of nutrients for the development of intelligence in children as well as for keeping us in mind. After the fish is taken out of the sea, its insides are cleaned and salted, and of course it becomes a meal by the skillful hands of the cook.

Sea bream and salmon are among Serbethane's favorite fish dishes. fish dishes, whether grilled, grilled, baked, or pan-fried, each have their own distinct fishy taste. Of course, the fish cooked to perfection by the expert hands of our kitchen staff is served to suit the taste of our fish-loving customers.

It is also possible to find shrimp dishes from the sea and consumed by the elite at Serbethane. You will be addicted to the taste of the shrimp.

Those who prefer Serbethane Cafe & Restaurant for fish dishes leave us satisfied and visit our Restaurant again.

Serbethane Cafe & Restaurant

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Serbethane Cafe & Restaurant; It is located on Arasta Bazaar Street, under the Sultanahmet Mosque and Social Complex. Sherbethane; It is one of the most decent Cafes and Restaurants in Sultanahmet and has a customer portfolio consisting of local and foreign tourists and tourist groups. In Şerbethane; Ottoman Sherbet, Breakfast, Selections from World Cuisine, Hookah, Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks are served.

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