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Ottoman Sherbet

Ottoman Sherbet

 Ottoman Sherbet

As it is known, during the Seljuk and Ottoman periods, sherbets were an indispensable taste of the tables prepared using various fruits, spices and honey. Just as there cannot be a Greek or Roman feast without wine, Sherbet is one of the most important elements of Turkish culture. Each type of Sherbet has different health benefits. XV. After the century, the favorite sherbets of the Ottoman palace and rich tables were made from flowers such as roses, water lilies, violets and lilies. Important guests were served these sherbets.  As Serbethane Cafe & Restaurant, we are very proud to offer our customers this special drink in a historical place of more than 400 years when choosing Ottoman Sherbet.

There are many sherbet recipes in Ottoman works on medicine and treatment from the Ottoman period. Ottoman Sherbet Sherbets had a very special importance and value in the Ottoman palace. Sherbets were prepared together with desserts in special sections. As far as we know from the sources that have survived to this day, sherbets such as rose sherbet, lemon, tamarind, quince, sour cherry and water lily sherbet were highly preferred in the Ottoman palace.

There are sherbet shops, candy shops, jam shops and lemonade shops in all Muslim settlements. These places have a wide variety of delicious soft drinks. You will not be able to get enough of the Ottoman Sherbet that you can find at Serbethane. Because Ottoman Sherbets are a tradition coming from history. It is history itself in Serbethane.

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Serbethane Cafe & Restaurant; It is located on Arasta Bazaar Street, under the Sultanahmet Mosque and Social Complex. Sherbethane; It is one of the most decent Cafes and Restaurants in Sultanahmet and has a customer portfolio consisting of local and foreign tourists and tourist groups. In Şerbethane; Ottoman Sherbet, Breakfast, Selections from World Cuisine, Hookah, Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks are served.

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