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 Hookah is a tobacco product and tobacco was first discovered before Christ. Tobacco was first used for worship by setting its leaves on fire, but later when its pleasurable side was discovered, tobacco began to be used for pleasure rather than for burning.

Throughout history, humanity has shaped tobacco smoking differently. Sometimes it was used in the form of a pippo, sometimes in the form of a cigarette or a cigar, and sometimes it was chewed in the mouth and used in various spitting forms. Among these, Hookah is the most important. The invention of the hookah is Abdulfath Gilani of Iranian origin, who was a doctor at the court of the Indian Emperor.

Hookah was used by noble and wealthy people throughout history and was an expensive means of pleasure. Hookahs were so valuable that throughout history, people who died left their hookahs to their heirs as an inheritance.

Hookah has survived to this day in the Indian language, after it was invented by inserting a reed into a coconut. The word meaning comes from the word Nargil, which is called the Hindi translation in Persian. It reflects the eastern culture and is important because it is the most important cultural monument.

 In terms of hookah structure; It consists of Ser, Lule, Marpuç and Şişe. It is used with sipsi. Burning the tömbeki tobacco with charcoal, bubbling the water inside, drinking it and feeling its aroma gives a different pleasure to the drinker.

We offer a different experience to those who enjoy hookah. Preparation of hookah is a laborious job that requires mastery, and a person who smokes hookah regularly can evaluate the quality of hookah. It is very important for users who make smoking a pleasure by making hookah with various aromas by expert hands.

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Serbethane Cafe & Restaurant; It is located on Arasta Bazaar Street, under the Sultanahmet Mosque and Social Complex. Sherbethane; It is one of the most decent Cafes and Restaurants in Sultanahmet and has a customer portfolio consisting of local and foreign tourists and tourist groups. In Şerbethane; Ottoman Sherbet, Breakfast, Selections from World Cuisine, Hookah, Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks are served.

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