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Coffee is obtained from a tree species in the Coffea genus. The fruit seeds of this tree are first roasted and then ground into powder. The preparation of these coffees, which have a wonderful aromatic scent, requires special skill.

Coffees, usually prepared over low heat, with plenty of froth on the smoke, are served with chocolate or sweet Turkish delight. While coffee has been consumed hot throughout history, today the consumption of cold coffee has reached a significant level.

Coffee is a drink that is good for fatigue and insomnia and keeps us vigorous. Rumor has it that in the 9th century, a shepherd fed coffee fruit to his animals, and after a while, when he saw that these animals started to become active, he prepared a drink with this fruit. The shepherd, who could not sleep all night, discovered that coffee had a stimulating effect, and coffee began to spread in this way.

The caffeine in the coffee you consume in the evening delays your sleep by approximately 40 minutes on average.

Coffee can be made with plain water or with milk. Coffee with milk in the 16th century. It was discovered by a French doctor in the 19th century. Coffee is a heavy drink and has a stimulating and alerting effect. We all know that coffee is a heavy drink; There is an idiom sentence. This proves that the coffee served has been remembered for forty years.

We actually serve coffee to heavy guests. This is why; Of course, the hot beverage preference of customers with a heavy presence in Cafes and Restaurants is; It is a coffee with lots of foam.

Coffee has a very important place in Middle Eastern culture. In fact, it is so important that, according to ancient Arab culture, if married men did not bring enough coffee to their homes, this was legally accepted as a reason for women to divorce their spouses.

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Serbethane Cafe & Restaurant; It is located on Arasta Bazaar Street, under the Sultanahmet Mosque and Social Complex. Sherbethane; It is one of the most decent Cafes and Restaurants in Sultanahmet and has a customer portfolio consisting of local and foreign tourists and tourist groups. In Şerbethane; Ottoman Sherbet, Breakfast, Selections from World Cuisine, Hookah, Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks are served.

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