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Food; It is the name of our indispensable appetizer as a processed presentation that provides nutritional energy, that is, the need for a heterotrophic organism to have the energy necessary to stay vigorous, and contributes to our biological growth.

All the ingredients necessary for meals are, of course, a part of nature. These substances are divided into three main categories: animal, vegetable and mineral. Milk, Eggs, Meat, Water and Oil are the main ingredients of meals.

Fish and lamb are among the meats we use in cooking. Lamb meat adds a special meaning and taste to the meal because it is especially soft and easy to digest. Since lamb meat is easy to cook, it is a favorite meat both in the pan, on the grill and in stews.

Salt ensures that the taste of food appeals to our palate. It is unthinkable for a dish with a wonderful presentation to lack salt. Because it creates a situation that is appetizing in appearance but does not appeal to the palate in taste. For this reason, it is important to keep the salt level correct in meals; Excess salt threatens human health. Salt is a substance that increases resistance in humans. However, excessive use has serious negative health consequences.

Since meals form the basis of our proper nutrition, we need to be careful not to eat too much or too little and not to take in more than our body needs. Of course, it is beneficial to be careful as eating too much food will cause our body structure to deteriorate and our metabolism to grow unbalanced.

Food is within the field of interest of the gastronomy branch of science, and the importance of food throughout history is understood as it has survived to the present day as it has been blended with culinary culture.

Serbethane Cafe & Restaurant

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Serbethane Cafe & Restaurant; It is located on Arasta Bazaar Street, under the Sultanahmet Mosque and Social Complex. Sherbethane; It is one of the most decent Cafes and Restaurants in Sultanahmet and has a customer portfolio consisting of local and foreign tourists and tourist groups. In Şerbethane; Ottoman Sherbet, Breakfast, Selections from World Cuisine, Hookah, Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks are served.

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